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Hyperfair at AWE 2017

Hyperfair’s Martina Ori will be speaking at AWE 2017, the largest AR & VR event in the world! Our VP of Marketing will be taking part in a panel discussing Social VR for the enterprise and the innovation it brings to user engagement. Learn more here. If you have any questions about our Hyperfair ask us […]

“Virtual College Fair: a Pitt-Johnstown Presence at an Event in Ecuador”

“This online college fair allowed me to communicate from my office, instead of going to the country, which saves money and time,” said Chen. “The fair was very organized. Each day, there were certain time blocks reserved for different high schools. It turned out that students were mostly interested in Engineering, medical school and law […]

EGM Connect 3D – HyperfairVR Press Release

Ken Riead, EGM Connect 3D‘s executive host, published a press release celebrating HyperfairVR joining HTC Vive X. To check out the articles click on the logos.   If you have any questions about how you can create your own Virtual Reality experience ask us in chat on our website!

Hyperfair VR Chosen for Exclusive HTC VIVE X Program

San Francisco, CA. Hyperfair, Inc. a San Francisco-based company that provides a unique solution for Social VR for the Enterprise is proud to announce to have been selected for the very exclusive HTC Vive X Program that aims at redefining the future through virtual reality. HTC Vive, one of the leading VR investors in the […]

Cyberflora “a new Social Business experience”

Learn more about Cyberflora‘s VR Hub. Cyberflora will be the world’s very first ornamental-product trade show where both exhibitors and buyers will be able to keep up their daily routine in any part of the world. (…) No traveling and a full load of high-tech communication bells and whistles to boot. “Cyberflora’s organizers have also joined […]

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